Sarah Ann Marze is a composer and vocalist who explores the interaction between words and music. She is inspired by words in all forms: poetry, story, mythology, history, journalism and scientific literature. She spent most of her life in small towns in Connecticut in the United States. As such, she believes in the unique power of music to generate and sustain community and belonging. Coming from her vocal background, Sarah is most conscious of the characters, dramatic throughlines and emotional potency in her music. 

Sarah graduated from the University of Connecticut with degrees in Music Composition and Vocal Performance. She was active in undergraduate research, having received areceived a UConn IDEA Grant for her pedagogical songbook project, "Let Us Sing: Contemporary Art Songs for Young Singers.” She is grateful for the opportunities to have her music performed at venues such as the Royal Academy of Music Composers’ Forum, the Leroy Anderson Creative Practice Series, BRACE New Music’s fall season, SongFest 2023, the Collaborative Piano Institute, and the Operation Opera Workshop. Forthcoming, Sarah will be leading a new workshop for eleven composers to learn about writing for the carillon at the Loughborough carillon. In January, she will be performing a cabaret-recital of her arrangements of the songs of Leroy Anderson at the Royal Academy of Music’s Students Create Festival. Her music is published by North Star Music LLC.

Sarah was chosen as a 2023 Marshall Scholar, and is currently studying a Master’s of Music Composition at the Royal Academy of Music in London, England.