Six Contemporary Art Songs for Young Singers

Why write songs for young singers?

I started voice lessons when I was in fourth grade. My voice teachers over the years - Lousie Fauteux, Nancy Andersen, and Constance Rock - all changed my life and showed me the kind of powerful, artistic and compassionate woman I wanted to be when I grew up. This book is a gift to a younger self, who discovered her voice through performing the work of living composers. 

Any voice teacher can tell you that there is a dearth of contemporary art songs that are a) vocally appropriate b) emotionally appropriate and c) financially accessible for younger students. This project, funded by the UConn IDEA Grant program, seeks to help fill this gap in the repertoire. 

Please use and enjoy the included sheet music, acting and interpretation guides, piano accompaniment tracks and professional recordings.

What must I know before using these materials?

Sheet music


Public Performance

Please perform these songs in public! If you do, consider taking a video or recording and sending it to me! (That would warm my heart.)
Any public performance venue in the United States already pays an annual fee to an agency called ASCAP.
If you fill out the Performance Notification Form by clicking here, I receive a small cut of that fee the venue already paid.
It's free for you to complete! Thank you!

What is the UConn IDEA Grant program?

"UConn undergraduate students in all majors at all campuses can apply for a UConn IDEA Grant of up to $5,000 per student to fund self-designed work on a topic, project, problem, artistic product or performance, or other entrepreneurial or creative idea of their choice. Students may apply individually or as part of a small group.

The UConn IDEA Grant is an opportunity for creativity, innovation, original research, and service. The project should be personally meaningful, relevant, and engaging. The project does not need to be tied to a student’s major or minor, but it should be guided by a student’s academic goals and future plans."

Learn more here: https://ugradresearch.uconn.edu/idea/idea-program-information/

Emma Banton and Kyra Rook were the first two high school students to learn songs from the book! They helped me workshop the material, and we finished out our final meeting with UConn ice cream!