Waking, Dreaming

For: SATB, soloist, piano, tuned wine glasses (at least 12 players)

Duration: 5 minutes

Text: Sandy Lee Carlson (ASCAP)

Program Note: This poem tells the story of someone waking early in the morning. While awake and alone, they have a dialogue with the night, acknowledging that anything seems possible in the dark. As the twilight draws on, stars seem to speak, welcoming them back to sleep. The piece features unqiue compositional moments such as: an unmetered solo "pop chant," aleatoric choral hums, a dreamy piano "vamp," and a tuned wine glass ensemble.

I am the first to turn on the light at four
O'clock. It is too early; it is time
To push aside the warm blankets of deep rest
And say to the world, I am here, warming
To the back of you, possibilities
I have yet to entertain by daylight
When you are invisible, overbright.
I will wait for them as the darkness waits
For me. We will lie back down to dream, still
With only distant lights to tempt the peace:
Open. We are here. Open. We welcome you.
Accept the invitation if you must.
Better, wait for dreams; in the dark, learn to trust.

Performances: premiered on August 27 at the Leroy Anderson Foundation Creative Practice Series by the VoiceBox choir, co-directors Will Mandelbaum and Audrey Rivetta